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Droid VPN UDP Settings For Uganda and Zimbabwe FREE Data Every time

I have the best UDP settings for Droid VPN for Zimbabwe, Uganda, and more, follow the settings below.

UDP settings for Droid VPN seem to be the best and they are very stable. So if you want a super fast internet connection you can go for this UDP settings.

However, this doesn’t mean TCP and HTTP settings don’t work, that’s not it. There’s only a difference when it comes to our ISPs, they use different protocols.

For example, in Zimbabwe TCP and HTTP I the best connection protocols even though UDP can work. But when it comes to Uganda, UDP is better than TCP and HTTP however, they all work.

Droid VPN Latest Version

Droid VPN Android 11+

Droid VPN for Windows

Download Droid VPN Apk

If you don’t have Droid VPN you may need to download it from the giving direct download links below.

They are three download links below, you might be confused about which one you should go for. Let me specify and clarify the download links below.

The first one is the latest version of the app and is for Android devices and alternatives.

The other one is also for Android devices but mainly for Android 11 and going up.

Also, if you draw it VPN is not working perfectly you can also use that one for Android 11+.

The last one is for desktop computers and laptops running Windows versions.

If you’re still confused or if you have some questions please feel free to ask me to know in the comments.

Droid VPN settings for MTN and Airtel Uganda

Droid VPN settings for MTN and Airtel unlimited free internet in Uganda.

Follow the instructions below to set up your Droid VPN for free surfing.

Please follow the instructions below, don’t configure the settings in your mind, and start blaming the settings.

These settings are confirmed to be working and they are working 100%. Download Droid VPN from the play store.

If you already have the application installed make sure it’s the latest version and clear app data before using these settings, if you don’t have it download it here.

Then use your login credentials on the droid VPN app, to do that, click on Settings and then on Account and save your details

If you don’t have a droid VPN account please open Droid VPN official site to create your own DroidVPN account for free.

Now click on Settings and then go to TCP and HTTP now configure this way.

Remote TCP and local TCP ports differ according to your internet service provider.

So what you have to do is to try all the given ports. If one proxy is dead try the other one.

Remote port: 443

Local TCP port: 9200 OR

Remote TCP: 0025

Local TCP port: 65000 OR

Remote port : 25, 53, 80, 110, 115, 123, 443, 2401

Local TCP port:1080

Send HTTP headers on TCP: tick

Set HTTP headers: tick

Now ensure that it’s on editor and generator and then configure as below:

Host: airtel.com or mtn.com or any other service provider’s website URL like vodacom.com.

Request method: connect

Injection method: normal

Online-host: tick

Keep alive: tick

User-agent: tick

Click on generate then validate and save, Now go back and select proxy setting

Proxy type = https (connect)

Proxy host: proxy host 8080 or you can use any other proxy that is currently working. OR

Proxy host: proxy host 8080 OR

Proxy host: port 3128

Proxy host: port 3128

Proxy host: port 8080

Proxy host: port 3128

Proxy host: port 53281

Click on proxy HTTP headers and do the same as what you did on TCP and HTTP headers.

UDP Settings

UDP settings work on their own, however, if you want to use TCP or HTTP you don’t need to change the UDP settings.

To set up your UDP settings configure them as follows

Remote UDP: 5190

Local UDP: 9202

Under VPN connection setting tick

Enable compression

Go back to the home page and select server 1 or 16, I will update you with more proxies

If it doesn’t connect now comment below is currently updating their system then try another time

This is what I had for you today, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments section and I’ll be answering each and every question.

If you also have some recommended droid VPN settings for Uganda please feel free to share them with the community. We don’t sell droid VPN settings! We just share for free because we get them for free.

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