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About Ha Tunnel Files

TricksMall is a service for easy file sharing and earning money. You can upload and share the requested "Ha Tunnel Files/" without an account. Creating an account lets you manage files, and earn money from referrals and downloads. TricksMall supports many file formats, making sharing simple. It's ideal for sharing large files and securing personal folders.

The "Folders" page on TricksMall provides users with a visual representation of their file organization system. 

The page showcases various folders created by the user, allowing them to conveniently manage and categorize their uploaded files.

Upon accessing the page, users are greeted with a sleek and intuitive interface displaying all their existing folders in a structured manner. 

Each folder is represented by an interactive thumbnail, showing the folder name and an icon symbolizing its content.

Users can easily navigate through their folders by clicking on them, revealing the files contained within. Additionally, they have the option to create new folders effortlessly by clicking on a dedicated "Create New Folder" button. 

This feature enables users to further personalize their file organization to their liking.

To enhance user control, a contextual menu is accessible by right-clicking on any folder thumbnail. 

This menu offers various options, including renaming folders, deleting folders, and moving files between folders. 

Users can swiftly manage their folders and files without leaving the page, enabling them to efficiently maintain their digital assets.

Overall, the "Folders" page on TricksMall provides users with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for organizing and managing their uploaded files. 

It offers users a convenient and intuitive way to create, browse, and modify folders, empowering them to maintain an organized and efficient file storage system.

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