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droid vpn settings

Droid VPN Settings Fast Droid VPN Proxy 2023

Droid VPN settings for free internet and the latest fast Droid VPN proxy for all countries to be connected.

In this post I’ll show you the best Droid settings that you might be looking all along for free internet access.

The settings I’m going to give you are the best Droid VPN settings that you all must have to enjoy free data.

However, there are some certain things that you may need to know about Droid VPN settings and fast Droid VPN proxy.

In addition, feel free to ask any questions related to Droid VPN settings or fast Droid Vpn proxy in the comments.

I’ll be happy to help you get connected and enjoy free internet on your network using these Droid VPN settings.

I know there are many people who are not aware of the use of Droid VPN so we’re going to start with the introduction.

What Is Droid VPN

Droid vpn settings and fast proxy settings

Droid VPN is a mobile and desktop VPN app that’s used to enhance internet security while browsing the internet.

The app can change your current IP address and assigns a new one once you get connected to it.

It can also help you access websites that contains regional restrictions if you’re not eligible to visit them.

Probably because it’ll replace your IP address with any IP address that you can choose from the provided list.

It contains many servers from different locations and you can choose whichever suitable for you to use.

But above all, Droid VPN allows users to get free internet access provided that you have implemented the correct Droid VPN settings.

This is why I suggested to create a post that’ll give you the best Droid VPN settings and fast Droid VPN proxy.

Feel free to leave a comment that if the provided Droid VPN settings are not working for you.

Droid VPN Settings

The Droid VPN settings I’m going to show you now are meant to work for all countries and all networks.

However, they might not work on your side because of some reason, so you must be aware of that.

Your Internet Service Provider might have blocked the global method of these Droid VPN settings on your network.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get connected to free internet, there are so many ways that you can use.

You can also check out the ha tunnel plus files they can give you unlimited internet access on a daily basis.

Droid Settings

First of all you MUST download this Droid VPN app otherwise the below Droid VPN settings will NOT work for you.

You must also have a Droid VPN account that you can create for free on Droid VPN official website,

You may also need to know how to activate Droid VPN account so that you can make it way easier.

Download the latest Droid VPN apk from the button below for these Droid VPN settings to work for you.

Download Droid VPN

Droid VPN TCP Settings

You need to download the above app and install it, after that, open it and navigate to the 3 dots on your top left side.

Now you need to navigate to settings and click on TCP and HTTP then enter the following values.

On remote TCP port you must enter 3306 and on local TCP port you must enter 1080 and save the settings.

VPN Connection Settings

VPN connection settings are also important because they tells the VPN engine how it should operate.

So for the best results that can actually work for you and probably in different locations please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Droid VPN settings and tap on VPN connection settings then enable the following options and disable the rest.

Enable the first 4 options as follows:

  • Run as root
  • Use VpnService API
  • Enable compression
  • Bypass VPN for local networks

These are the only options to be enabled under the VPN connection settings and all other options must be disabled.

These Droid VPN settings should be implemented as they are given in this post in order for them to work properly.

In case the fail to work for you, please let me know by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

I’ll always find you the best Droid VPN settings or the fastest Droid VPN proxy server for your country.

Fast Droid VPN Proxy

Now we can apply they fast Droid VPN proxy to make our Droid VPN Settings more stable and easy to connect.

The fastest Droid VPN proxy server always depends on the location you are and you network connection type.

Go to Droid Vpn Settings, click on TCP and HTTP then scroll down to the bottom and click Proxy Settings.

On this section make sure you click on the enable proxy button and disable the enable server as proxy option.

Apply the following changes, Connection type: HTTPS (CONNECT), on proxy host you must enter one of the below.


Use one at a time, and proceed to proxy port then enter: 8080 or 3128 use the one that work for you.

Save the settings and proceed to Set Proxy HTTP Headers then configure this section as shown below.

Once you click set proxy HTTP Headers look at the bottom and click on generator and do the following only:

  • URL or host:
  • Request method: CONNECT
  • Tick the below ?
  • Online host
  • User Agent
  • Keep Alive

After that hit the following buttons but you must click respectively Generate, Validate, and Save.

This is it on fast Droid VPN proxy server and be sure to follow the above instructions properly for it to work.

Proxy settings must be used if the VPN engine is not working on it’s own.

Droid VPN UDP Settings

Droid VPN UDP settings are also the best when it comes to best Droid VPN settings for free internet access.

However they should not be confused with the Droid VPN settings above because they are totally different.

Note: TCP or HTTP settings can work properly without proxy settings or UDP settings very easy.

Droid VPN UDP settings does not require TCP or HTTP settings or even proxy settings to work, they work alone.

But proxy settings cannot work without TCP or HTTP settings and proxy HTTP headers must be set up.

VPN connection settings should be set up for any of the above connection modes.

If your network supports UDP connection then you can set up UDP settings as follows:

Go to Droid VPN settings and click on UDP settings then set them up as listed below

  • Remote UDP Port:
  •  Local UDP Port:
  • Choose UDP Mode: Mode1

Then on UDP Mode 1 settings do this

  • TCount: 7
  • RCount: 1000

That’s all you can do on UDP settings, now you can go back and start connecting and enjoy free data.


These are the Droid VPN settings you need to be able to enjoy free and unlimited internet access.

But you must keep in mind that Droid VPN free accounts only allows users to use only 300MB per day.

However if you wish to exceed that limitation you are required to upgrade your account to a premium one.

With a premium account you’ll be able to get unlimited usage and access all premium servers despite your plan durability.

Premium accounts starts at $4.50 depending on the period you want to subscribe for.

Thank you so much for your time, please consider sharing this post with your friends all over the internet.

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